Saturday, 21 February 2015

Return #23 and Musings on Crowd Founding

Return number twenty three to the world of blogging. Well maybe not that many but it's been several times that I have stopped writing and left for a extended period of time only to take up the pen many months later. Though this time it has been almost a year give or take. But back I am now and fingers crossed keys to blog should happen every Friday from now on if I can stick to that casual posting schedule.

A almost year is a long period of time, probably far too much me to summarize in this article, so I shall start at the end and lay down where I am at this moment in time. 

I am still playing Wow, I have not un-subbed between now and the last time I was blogging. Though in an odd way at the moment it doesn't feel like I am playing. I log in do my Garrison missions across five max level characters and that's it for the day. Once a week I run LFR for Abbro stones and do garrisons campaigns on my alts. It's such a hands off style of play that I could easily have written I am no longer player Wow. Diablo's season two isn't helping though as at the moment that is taking up a lot of my time.

But the real kicker here is that without raiding, as many people have spoken and written about on the net. Currently there is very little to do at the level cap. That content that we have to do is very small chunks spread quite a way apart. I won't go into massive detail here as next week I intend to dissect 6.1. But it's odd I love the garrison feature its cool and I enjoy micro management. However I can't escape the nagging feeling that it is the major cause of the problem. 

I barely if ever leave my Garrison at lvl 100, for all the wonders and amazing story of Draenor through the levelling experience. There is so little content for level 100 characters I once capped apexis crystals, then had to blow loads on pets and gear since then I haven't really bothered to do the dailies. I can get all the gear I need for now from my Garrison missions, or via content I can queue for from within my garrison. The Garrison is a means without an end at this moment in time. 

But as I said I shall expand on these issues next week with 6.1. 

Finally getting round to the other half of my title, Crowd Funding and thrown in here is probably Free to play games as well. I respect and like crowd funding it's an awesome means for large numbers of people to positively impact the community/world. It also creates a system were creators of content etc have to be far more aware to the opinions of their audience which can only be good in my book. 

But ultimately as more and more games and sites etc become free to play or crowd funded, what happens when the interest and ergo the money dries up. To use the example of F2P games which normally fund themselves via cash shops and the like. If nobody buys anything but they all still play what happens to the game or the quality of the game. 

Crowd funding is so advance that at the moment the legal stuff is still catching up, in effect when we fund a project by any of the means. We are just handing over cash to those people with very little in return other than promises. Obviously we don't just give our backing to people we don't trust. However the large amounts of money that move around will tempt many more deviant members of society to try and take advantage or game the system. 

Of course as well there are many good cause yet we only have limited funds with which to support them. How do we choose between two good causes? 

So that wraps it all up for now, hoping that this isn't a false start to blogging again........ I shall endeavour to get the next one done for next Friday possibly at a more sociable hour. :)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Money Money Money its a rich mans game!?!

Today I want to babble about cost of gaming, this was brought up by a survey blizzard sent me about micro transactions. Obviously aside from buying the game and paying the subscription, all other charges are completely optional. But what is an acceptable amount to charge people? Should the price of a ten year old game being going down not up? And is there really an issue with micro transactions in a subscription based game? After the break I will attempt to babble coherently on these problems. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Are the Comunity ever happy?

Short answer No, slightly longer answer maybe!?! i have been wanting to blog for a wee while now i have a myriad of ideas swirling around my frontal cortex. Yet when i come to sit at the computer to type them it becomes a chore (thanks dyslexia), that and finding the time recently has been a minor issue. But anyways to start with here goes my thoughts on few rather hot topics that have aggravated the community recently.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

I Love the smell of Speculation in the morning!

So with Blizzconn on its way in a matter of days i have decided to postpone my intended post about pets in favour of some speculation. The build up to Blizzconn always feels very Christmas like to me. Not simply because they both occupy the same general region of the year. The whole you want to know what your going to get, yet if you do find out it spoils the surprise. This year Blizzard have done a grand job of keeping everything under wraps. Though to be honest the only game that has been pre announced is the Wow Expac so technically a lot of stuff has been spoiled. But at the same time its worked well. All i know about the game that formerly was Blizzard All Stars is that it has a new name and logo. I am massively excited just to see what they are going to show us. After the cut i will outline my wish list for things i want to see/hope to see. :)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

You mean i have to trade with people............

So this post is all D3 stuff if it ain't your thing feel free to skip it. Some random thoughts on the removal of the AH and a slightly more in depth look at Reaper of Souls know that we have some more info.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Two Wow features i dislike part 1.

I have read a number of blogs recently that deal with new features people would like to see added to wow. These vary from adding addon functionality to account wide storage and other odd and ends. Some of these features i agree with however many are just wishful thinking on the parts of many people. I believe the future of Wow is the adaption of existing game features to streamline the game and make it more user friendly, ie flexi raiding etc.

Linked to this i am also against adding both new races and even another new class, i dont think the game has room or even space for either of these. Instead i favour continued work on the existing races, new models, Broken Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarves, Mecha-Gnomes and a Cenarius style avatar/shapeshift for druids etc etc. After the break i will attempt to justify why i dislike this feature and how it could be changed.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Childe Zulgar to the Timeless Isle came.

So been a while since i sat here and wrote anything, life has been busy and my spare times has been most spent playing Wow leaving little to no time to write about playing Wow.So slightly delayed but here are my thoughts on 5.4 and a couple of other observations i made.